By Charles Douglas Wehner

Addison's disease in Man is always due to an infectious agent. In dogs, it is almost always due to ANTIBODIES.

Antibodies code for protein. Usually, the protein that they code for is FOREIGN, that is to say, part of a bacterium or of a virus. On rare occasions, however, rogue antibodies may code for the healthy, natural tissue of the victim. This produces AUTOIMMUNE disease.

The autoimmune variant is peculiar to dogs, and sometimes cats. In dogs, it is carried by the female.

This led the author immediately to conjecture that Canine Addison's disease might not be GENETIC, but carried as IgA in the mother's milk.

If an addison bitch becomes pregnant, the stress of a termination of pregnancy may kill her. Yet, if she conceives, the puppy will probably carry the disease.

When handed over to another bitch as a WET-NURSE immediately after birth - with no chance to take any COLOSTRUM - the first milk, rich in antibodies - the puppy may grow up free of the disease. As far as I know, this was never tried.

The two factors in favour of the Mother's Milk hypothesis are that the disease is carried in the female line, and that it involves antibodies.

The time-delay is puzzling. However, we must remember that immunity to smallpox (Variola) is not given by IgA for cowpox (Vaccinia) in cow's milk, or everybody who had drunk cow's milk would have been immune to smallpox.

The drinking of cow's milk gave the STARTING immunity to Vaccinia. When the Vaccinia virus was given (the first "vaccine"), it triggered only a minor EVENT because further antibodies quickly developed.

One or more of those new Vaccinia antibodies in turn behaved as a STARTING immunity to Variola. This is the STEPPING-STONE method by which desirable immunity develops. After the Vaccinia virus, the Variola virus causes only a minor event.

Accordingly, we must divide the concept of Canine Addison's Disease into two parts: (1) The agency of transmission of the undesirable immunity. (2) The time-delay mechanism by which the undesirable immunity develops in later or adult life.

The agency of transmission may well be IgA in the milk of the bitch, giving STARTING autoimmunity.

The agency of delay must be some EVENT such as a minor infection. This event broadens the spectrum of antibodies, allowing the full autoimmunity to develop.

Because of the high risk of IgA in the milk of an Addison-carrying bitch, it would be cruel to risk the health of a puppy by allowing it to suckle. The success-rate in reducing the incidence of the disease in the progeny would be an interesting subject for study.

The creating of a scatter-graph of the onset of the disease in related dogs would also shed light on the nature of the causative event.

Here is the article where I first suggested it:

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> I agree Rodi.   In my own family there is a hereditary disease which affects
> only two parts of the body and is rare.  This should make it interesting to
> track back some family members when they came from a small town in Ireland.
> In my husband's family there is also a hereditary disorder which again will
> be great when recorded for family to come, to help them understand and trace
> it.  Up until recently this disorder was not recognised, so the past is more
> difficult.
> Certainly Medical diseases are a important part of family research.
> Denise

Addison's disease is NOT hereditary in humans. Accordingly, the long
discussion on that theme here is out of place. However, it IS
hereditary in DOGS. It seems that in the case of one dog per thousand,
anti-adrenal antibodies appear after a few years of life. The genetic
data for this is carried by FEMALES.

This, of course, leads to the question "HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN"? I have
come across cases of auto-immune disease, where an unconnected germ,
such as a virus, triggers antibody production - and then a rogue
mutant antibody appears.

Professor Ted Steele of Woolangong University in Australia wrote a
book called "Lamarck's Signature", where he shows how antibodies
acquired by a male become incorporated into his genetic matter

I have shown that certain antibodies such as SMALLPOX are passed on
via the FEMALE line because they are of type A (IgA). These antibodies
are carried not in the genes, but in the mother's milk.

I immediately speculate whether the owner of an Addison bitch that
becomes pregnant might hand the puppies to A DIFFERENT lactating bitch
- as a wet-nurse. If the disease trait does not continue in the
puppies, then CANINE Addison's disease is inherited via the IgA in the
milk - and can be STOPPED.

ANTIBODIES break the "Weisman Barrier" - the refusal to continue
acquired characteristics in the offspring. They HAVE TO. Germs mutate
so fast that the immunity must be kept up-to-date.

As a German, I was fascinated by a program on British television where
archaeologists found a body on a Roman site. A lady was introduced,
who at first sight looked like any housewife. However, she was one of
the world's leading experts on archaeological pathology.

By examining the exact shape of a small bone in the ankle, she showed
that this two-thousand year-old body was NOT Roman, but GERMAN.

So BONES tend to respect the Weisman barrier.

Nature makes so much investment in the EXACT design of each bone, that
life would be impossible if that knowledge were lost. Thus, a couple
each without legs would produce children WITH legs. The acquired
characteristic "leglessness" is not passed on.

However, at the top of each long bone is a ball of bone. Children are
double-jointed. Then, at puberty, the ball of bone cements itself to
one of the long bones. The "gap", or "epiphysis",  between the ball
and the socket becomes calcified.

So, if you were brought up in India and had tha habit of sitting
cross-legged (the "lotus position") on the warm ground, your epiphyses
will close in such a way as to make the "lotus" position comfortable
for the rest of your life.

Europeans do NOT sit cross-legged on the ground - so if you try the
"lotus" position late in life, it is uncomfortable.

The epiphyses therefore do not give clues as to the ANCESTRY of a
person, but rather to the behaviour traits in early life.

The study of bones can therefore reveal what race one came from and
where one was brought up, such as a Germanic living in India or China.

However, the accuracy of the pronouncements will only be as good as
the accuracy of the science employed.

Charles Douglas Wehner


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